How to have a chase sequence?

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How to have a chase sequence?

Post by Lakanar »

Ok so I'm nearing the end of A Networked Mind, and in this final section, I was you to be completely on your toes, hunted by a guard. Meaning you have a certain a number of turns per room(say 5) before the guard comes in and kills you.
How do I do this?
I am imagining the following:
-A player movement command that only activates when in a location group.
-Then an event activates when player moves. Then I have it like 4 turns later, have a task that prints, "The guard is here. Move your butt." Then on the fifth turn, a task activates that kills you if the guard is in the same room as the player character.
My issue is, how do I reset the event on the player move?
I know there are plenty of ways to do this, but if I do the way I describe, how would I go about doing it?
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Re: How to have a chase sequence?

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I have done something similar in "Just another Fairy Tale" where the player is chased by a guard if s/he forgets to do something.
You are welcome to have a look at that if you think it'll help you.
It is all done with an event / subevents and tasks.
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