object keys must start with an english letter

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object keys must start with an english letter

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Just noticed this problem as I am writing a Danish game, but I think the same problem can occur with other non-english letters like ü, ö etc. (and perhaps also symbols?). However, I only tested it with the three Danish letters: æ, ø and å.

Normally, if you create an object, the key of the object is named after the first object noun. ADRIFT may simplify it a bit and if another object has the same key, the new object will get a different key.

So if your object for instance is "økse", the key will be "Økse".

But now the first letter in the key is "Ø", expressions such as %object%.Name will not give the object name as intended. Instead you will get:

A workaround is to go to OPTIONS->ADVANCED and enter a key prefix, e.g. we apply "dk_" in the Danish Standard Library. In this way, keys will always start with an English letter.
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