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Absolute Reference

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:20 pm
by Eminor
Hey guys :)

May I ask you kindly to correct the following string for me? I've been trying a few ways but I cannot seem to get it right, all I need is for the result to be absolute.

A task Action is executing -> SET VariableX = ABS(%VariableY[RAND(1,10)]%)

Of course VariableY, which is -1 keeps howing up as -1 instead of 1.

I know.. I know.. I'm a pitiful noob xD... You have my blessings to make fun of me until the end of time :haha:


UPS! I'm actally aplpying ABS in the wrong place since I need VariableX to be ABS... Don'y know how to do that, but I'll have a look now.


Mmhh... I tried applying ABS straight on the status bar where I call the function but it didn't work, not sure it can even be done from there.


AHAhahahahaha, oh my god... I added an action SET Variablex = *(-1) thinking how smart I was... Now the ranner hoplessly freezes and crashes when I run the task :lol: I think even IT is bored to the bolne of my ignorance xD rofl


Did it! I added an action SET Variablex = ABS(%HackTimerDeciSeconds%) to the same task.

So now the task first picks a random value from the array VariableY (SET VariableX = ABS(%VariableY[RAND(1,10)]%))
and THEN converts it to absolute (SET Variablex = ABS(%HackTimerDeciSeconds%))

Thanks anyway guys, :) even if noone can answer on time it jiggles my mind to find a solution even just to ask about it knowing that someone might benefit from my problems some time in the future. :comb:

OR MAYBE I'm the absolute king of noobs and this stuff will only be of interest when monkeys will take over the earth and will want to learn about the shiny boxes with letters and numbers that can be pressed on them! xD rofl