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Default Object names and having to manually change it

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Default Object names and having to manually change it

Postby DazaKiwi » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:46 pm

When you create an object and add <1> to its name for generic objects for your reference in Developer, which of course the <1> doesn't display in the runner (although the auto-fill does display it- would be good if it didn't as it looks distracting) but Runner tends to place a space or two after outputting the name before adding a full stop. So it will look like are holding a key .

Currently the solution to my problem is to delete the original name key <1> and write a new name, key and then enter another name key <1> as a secondary name afterwards, that fixes it. But this issue might confuse new users all the same.

So it would be nice if you could add another noun name for the object or choose a new default name in the list of ones you have given an object and click on 'apply' to select that as the default, but for some reason this does not happen. The original name you used gets pinned to that object as default name for all time. Sometimes you do want to change the name so it sounds better or doesn't clash visually with another similar named object.

I do not know if this is a bug or just hasn't been implemented?
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Re: Default Object names and having to manually change it

Postby ElliotM » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:43 am

What you are describing is essentially using pseudo-html tags to hide text from displaying. The reason it works is because unsupported or nonsense tags are ignored for display purposes in the Runner. I don't think it is best practice to do so, however, and I doubt new users would be doing this.

If you wrote your noun with a space before the tag, that is where the space is coming from. To eliminate that space, you'd likely have to write it like this:
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instead of
"Thing <1>"

I discovered a bit ago that you could enter text with tags into the command line, which won't be recognized but will display with the tag formatting. Try the following in any Adrift 5 game in the Runner to see what I mean:

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The commands won't be understood because of the html tags but their effects will be applied in the command history window, though in the transcript the tags and the formatting are removed because it is a plain text format. My point in sharing that discovery is that it tells me that the command line itself doesn't process html tags, though the main window will. The command line isn't meant to display formatted text because it is meant for player input and this is why your tags appear in the auto suggest if they are in the first noun or name of an object or character.
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