Event Bugs

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Event Bugs

Post by Lazzah »

Hi Campbell,

While playtesting one of my games, my playtester has found a bug in the time-based event. Also, while creating a demo to show this I have found (I think) a bug in turn-based events.

First of all, when a time-based event fires and the player types in the next command after whatever text has been displayed on-screen, the cursor will appear immediately after this text and not underneath with a line break.

Also, in a turn-based event, if you set the number of turns to 0, even if you add a control to stop the event, the event will repeat even though you have not put a tick in the "Repeat event on completion" box.

I attach a demo to illustrate these bugs. I have added a bug report for the time-based one at: http://www.adrift.co/bug/19137. I will wait until the turn-based bug has been confirmed before adding that one.
Event Bugs Demo.taf
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