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ADRIFT 5 source code

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Re: ADRIFT 5 source code

Postby BBBen » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:35 am

Ah, no problem, I assumed it was functional.
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Re: ADRIFT 5 source code

Postby DazaKiwi » Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:00 am

saabie wrote:I think I can remember Campbell once mentioning that ADRIFT was written in, it is certainly using the .net library as the only DLL it links to is mscoree.dll
I am a programmer and I already understand most of how ADRIFT works internally so I would be able to do the programming work if Campbell is too busy.

The problem with the false antivirus detections with the EXE format seems to be caused by the fact that the ADRIFT 5 XML is stored as a ZIP file inside of the EXE. To fix this you would have to change the format that the data is stored in. Storing the actual data as records (without all of the extra XML stuff the developer uses but the runner doesnt need) would stop these detections, probably make the file smaller, and would certainly make it run faster.

The question about open-sourcing or merging the runner into gargoyle has been coming up every few years since at least 2009, but even if Campbell does not choose to do so it would still be possible to write a new runner that emulates the behavior of the existing code.

While we are throwing around ideas. What if we approach Campbell in allowing saabie to step in and polish Adrift and perhaps with community feedback (a poll?) as to what we would like to see fixed/tweaked etc rather than adding new major features, except for perhaps a new Runner UI maybe to make it look a little more professional and modern. If Campbell still feels reluctant about open-source with this option of saabie doing it, it will be closed doors and benefit the community and help out Campbell as well. We could try and narrow things down to a definite number of things that most need fixing/tweaking so its achievable within a time-frame that saabie is able to put into it at his pace. At the end of the day perhaps he and Campbell makes the final decisions. 'If' we had a big enough active community we could possibly crowd-fund saabie to do it, in terms of taking time off work or for that matter Campbell to take time off work and fully focus on Adrift for a month, but i don't think there is enough active members to raise any kind of amount that would be feasible for that. Still if saabie is open to diving in, we ought to approach Campbell sooner rather than later, least this idea pushes daisies.

I think with a new Runner UI and some of the systems fixed or polished it could attract more people willing to make IF games with Adrift and also play them.
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Re: ADRIFT 5 source code

Postby saabie » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:06 am

ralphmerridew wrote:Well, if you want, I'll send you what I've worked out on ADRIFT 5. (Not much, just readers for .tas and .taf.)
I sent you a PM with my EMail address.
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Re: ADRIFT 5 source code

Postby Kennedy » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:50 pm

BBBen wrote:- .png file implementation so I can layer images. It would be cool, for example, to be able to have a png pop up over the whole window and then go away with a click.

The ability to super impose a character or item picture over a room backdrop would be awesome. Then we could see the characters in the room while we talk to them.
Here's a link to a similar enhancement request I posted: layered graphics
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Re: ADRIFT 5 source code

Postby BBBen » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:43 pm

Layered graphics would be a good idea, although they're not a priority for me right now because I prefer right now to render characters and environments together because that gives nicer results anyway. Imposing a character over a background (visual novel style) is good if you've got a really high volume of locations and your characters move around a lot in them. Or if you want to be lazy, I guess.
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