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Events, Seconds and updating NPC whereabouts..

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Events, Seconds and updating NPC whereabouts..

Postby DazaKiwi » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:06 am

It seems if you have an Event that is set to run immediately at the start of your game and after so many seconds it will run a task that moves a NPC to where the player is as a timed entrance, but Adrift gets muddled. That is after that task in question is run and you type x character Adrift doesn't know who you are talking about because as far as its concerned that NPC isnt there, until you enter the command again or any other command. It seems when the task moved the NPC to Players location Adrift hasn't updated this truly in the current turn and has to wait until the next turn cycle to update itself. I tried using making a task that skipped a turn run in the subevent before the move NPC task but that didn't work.

Is there a way around this still using an timed event? i have gone the easy route and have instead created a task rather than use an event that asks the player to type "Continue" and then move NPC.
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