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Equation to Parse Text Override?

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Equation to Parse Text Override?

Postby IM6 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:37 pm

Hi - I hope I'm posting in the right area (and that this isn't already common knowledge elsewhere, but I feel I've searched fairly thoroughly and haven't found an answer):

I'm looking for a way to to parse text into its given text override (if one is assigned) in a way that I can assign the result to a variable. i.e. "[TEST EXPRESSION]" has Text Override "a test" - is there a function that could take "[TEST EXPRESSION]" and return "a test"? Ideally this would be able to be a part of a SET condition in an event i.e. SET testExprVar = OvrConvrt(%variable%)

I'm also interested in a check if a text string has a valid override (which is what I'll be attempting to do once the above is covered). My aim is to use a repeatable logic check to see if an overridden string starts with a "1" (is a set of options for a conversation) - if not, I'll know that the conversation path has reached its end and I ought to be able to flag a variable to end the conversation.

I just started using ADRIFT a bit ago and I'm still getting into it, so sorry if my knowledge is a little less advanced.
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Re: Equation to Parse Text Override?

Postby Campbell » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:53 pm

You just need to include %text% in the task command. You will then be able to use Referenced Text in Restrictions and Actions, and use %text% in subsequent expressions.
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