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Buy and Sell Demo available

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:36 am
by DazaKiwi
Ahoy Drifters...

I have a demo available for a new module i have created. The demo is not fancy mind you, but does the job.
This module also has a basic theft system, where by you can only steal from the trader if they are not present in the shop (one of the traders in the demo has a habit of stepping outside). *i do not endorse stealing* If you manage to steal something and try to sell it back, it will be confiscated and you wont be able to trade with that NPC again. You can enhance this yourselves by using the Trader property 'friendly to player' as a restriction for entering into a shop location, so you are banned from the shop so to speak.

I plan on releasing this module once some others have tested it and if anyone has feedback & additional ideas to add to it. If you want to have ago using the module in your current game (save a version of it for the module incase you don't want it) PM me and i will send you the link, the other thing i am wanting feedback on is my instructions of setting it up (its not hard to do, even for new drifters). The instructions are in the demo as well when you open it up in Developer. Okay i will quit rambling here.

Download the Demo showcase here: ... _final.taf