Some questions about Runner..when exporting Game

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Some questions about Runner..when exporting Game

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Question 1#
Is there a way to force off the Graphics Window so it will be off when your game runs, even if the user previously has Graphics Window enabled?

I tried unchecking Allow Graphics in the Settings in Dev, but that didn't seem to do anything. I think by default Graphics Window is off? i cant recall.

Question 2#
Exporting your game- Making sure it looks as intended in Runner..
How to do setup custom window (and for that matter Graphics window- if you do want intend for it to be open) for your game so when someone plays the game it will display those windows at the right size. I was under the impression that when you export your game or create it as blorb it will save the settings of your runner or something, but that might be completely wrong. Also note having more than one custom window causes custom windows to go nuts, apart from first one. Feel free to vote for this, one feature of Adrift that is awesome but very broken
Also @Campbell if you read this, you replied to this bug post with; 'Added to Object properties.' What does that mean?

Question 3#
Is the click method to resize images in the graphics tab broken? in recent past it still showed the image at full size rather than fit to window i had set it at in dev. I thought this got fixed. In my current game im using the src tags so i wont have the location descriptions right after the image when displayed in the main text window.
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