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Putting these things online

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Re: Putting these things online

Postby The0didactus » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:01 am

Some metrics to put this in perspective:

* Offhand I know three people, real life, who will not play my games because of the virus issue. There are also countless people IRL that I REALLY want to share my games with, but who lack the technical competence to play them (or who lack windows machines): My parents, for example.

* Upon releasing Six Silver Bullets for IFCOMP, I received five emails in the first day, basically saying "hey I wanna play this but I can't."
For every person who wrote, there had to be several that didn't. That's tons of players a day.

* I promote my games on a few other sites I'm fond of, including Slatestarcodex and some legal forums. I still get messages from people asking "hey, I saw this game you were talking about called Tingalan, how do I play it? I can't get Adrift to work on my computer"...again I must stress that these are complete outsiders to the IF community writing me about a game I made, and promoted, several years ago. They want to play. They can't.

All these people are folks that would get into our IF if we could more easily share our games...and I'm just one guy.
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