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I am a Windows xp user. A bug and a suggestion.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 2:16 pm
by bdmoon

I downloaded Adrift 5.0 recently.

I am so happy because Adrift 5.0 looks like a professional software. In addition, Adrift works on my Windows XP computer without any problem. Thanks!!!! Furthermore, Adrift 5.0 can generate EXE file. This is so good!!! It is because finished game can look very professional! Just like other ordinary games made with other game making software. Sure.

I downloaded a game called InnsmouthFanmade. It is an EXE file. When I ran this EXE file, the title bar showed this game's name. This was normal. Then I selected full screen in pull down menu. Then I deselected full screen. The title bar changed to show "Adrift Runner". This little bug made the game look very strange. May this little bug be fixed in the next version? (I ask the author of Adrift 5.0 this question. Thanks)

Many game making programs have features for users to change icons of games. I also hope that there will be this feature in future versions. Games made with Adrift will look very professional! This is my suggestion.

Thanks a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: I am a Windows xp user. A bug and a suggestion.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:34 am
by bdmoon

There is another small bug in the Adrift.

I exited the game InnsmouthFanmade with the window covering the whole monitor screen. After I exited the game, I ran the game again. The window did not cover the whole monitor screen. I mean that the window opened at a wrong location. The Adrift did not remember the location of the window when I exited the game. This bug makes the game look unprofessional.

This is a small bug .The bug in my last post is also a small bug. The current version of Adrift was released in 2015. The development team did not remove these two obvious and small bugs in these 4 years. Was the development team busy? Or the development team abandoned the software? I am too curious.

I searched for the information of other similar softwares: Inform, Quest, Twine, TADS, Hugo, etc. It looks as if they cannot generate EXE files for game distribution. Thus I still hope that the development team will actively develop this Adrift in the future.

Thank you!