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Behavior of saved game depends on when you RESTORE

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:01 pm
by Denk
One of my playtesters just ran into this bug. I have now identified the problem. ADRIFT has a bug, which makes the behaviour of a saved game depend on when you restore the game.

In this attached example, the player must wait one turn before RESTORE otherwise, a bug will occur.
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Try running the attached taf-file and try the following:

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1. Restart the game
2. Wait
3. Wait            [nothing happens]
3. Save temp       [any file name will do - here I use "temp"]
4. wait
5. wait            [nothing happens]
6. restart
7. wait
8. restore temp
9. wait
10. wait           [nothing happens]
11. restart
12. restore temp
13. wait           [bug occurs]
So the bug only occurs if the first command after restarting is RESTORE.

Note also, that if you want to reproduce this bug, the save file must not be saved immediately after restart. That is why I am waiting twice before SAVE TEMP.