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The workaround I am using isn't perfect and is kinda clunky so far. I am trying to find a way of leaving one "sub" object and go into the main object without leaving the entire group, as "exit %object% takes you completely out of the entire thing even if one object is inside another. My solution was to essentially negate the "exit object" action and force the player to "enter" the parent object. As I said, trying to work on a bypass to make this less clunky. However, my goal here was to create...well, kinda generic buildings that fill in a location that serve as kinda dressing, or can serve as nodes that can be dropped into any location I want without needing to create a whole new object.

Edit: I have since found that running the task "Go Inside Object" as an override to "Get Out of Object" with the parameter of %ParentOf[%object%]% works to exit from an object subroom to the object parent room. A lot simpler than I imagined it would be, but not as easy for me to find, novice that I am.

As an example:
-In a location, I have 12 exits. For major locations and important routes I can use some of those exits for important buildings (A significant shop, a Tavern, a house of a local you need to talk to, whatever). But if I want to have a blacksmith shop, a market stall, a fishmonger, a grocer, a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, etc...small things that do not warrant use of one of the location exits, then I could create these generics as Object Buildings, and then in another town I make a Market Location group, and add these objects to locations in that group. The locations can even have different descriptions depending on where the location saves me from having a bazillion individual object buildings for each town, locations that take up exit space, etc. If I make them single room buildings, then it is one and done and as easy as putting appliances into any kitchen.

-Alternatively, I can reuse a building asset in a different location. So say I have made a building object that somehow manages to have 6 different rooms that are all unique, well designed...Yes, better to use locations for mapping purposes, but just for sake of argument say I pull it off and like this building object. Rather than having to painstakingly recreate location rooms at a new zone, doing all the work that may be associated with it, I can drop in the building object at the needed location. At most I need to just have an alternative description for the object if it is in X location.

I haven't really come across any major problems with the idea, and haven't even used any variables. TBH I am not sure where I could use variables for this idea, unless I am implementing an elevator or using it to somehow store the Parent Object's name (would that even work to run a task?)
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