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On converting ADRIFT 4 games to ADRIFT 5

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:09 am
by Denk
I just realized that a library must be selected before you can open an ADRIFT 4 taf-file in ADRIFT 5 Developer. In other words, the compatibility of your game depends on which library is selected when you open the ADRIFT 4 taf-file.

The conversion is already known to be bugged, but I found that when I applied saabie's Standard Library for conversion of the ADRIFT 4 game Curses, I couldn't even pick things up. This was not a problem when I applied the Release35-library. So the quality of the conversion depends very much on which Standard Library you use for the conversion.

I just wanted to mention this, in case there comes a new ADRIFT version at some point (at least some people are using the beta-version already). Thus it is recommeded to keep the Standard Library from the current version for the purpose of converting ADRIFT 4 games to ADRIFT 5. At least I remember playing David's Trick or Treat in ADRIFT 5 without serious problems, so sometimes the conversion goes well.

It also made me wonder if earlier versions of the Standard Library have even better compatibility with ADRIFT 4 games than Release 35 from 2016. Thus I searched the internet for earlier versions of ADRIFT 5. The oldest version I could find was Release 29. I tried to apply the Release29-library during the conversion of Curses but it seemed to have the same problem as Release35 (could not read a scroll).

If anyone have standard libraries older than Release29 or know where to find them, please let me know. Perhaps one of the older libraries is better for converting ADRIFT 4 games to ADRIFT 5. Perhaps not, but it would be good to know.