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Object properties lockout

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Postby DazaKiwi » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:48 am

I have an object that now has all its properties selected/ticked and greyed out. I get an error, Property "key for lock" cannot be blank. So i have to select an object as a key to keep it happy.

This object is a torch, Object27, it is suppose to only have this is a light source and can be turned on states active.
If i cut and create a new object (it will be Object27) and once i apply my settings it reverts it to the state i described above. And it doesn't matter what i call the object.

Leaving Object27 alone, I create another new object and that is fine. It seems to be ONLY object27 that is doesn't like. So to get around this problem, i let this troublesome object exist to keep the peace!

It had no problems with object27 for a while, until i..i don't know it got depressed and wanted to cause trouble for the hell of it..hehe. I was trying to setup a way for the light source property to be activated and deactivated by a task. And then it started playing up. One backup version of my game will not load because of it. Grr.

Anyone else had his problem?

If i come across it again, i will try to work how it happened exactly.
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