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Making a notebook the player can write in

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Making a notebook the player can write in

Postby ElliotM » Fri May 13, 2011 8:00 pm

I'm trying to make a demo where the player can write in a notebook and later read the notebook and see what they wrote.

The "[write] %text%" task works fine, but I think I might need to reference the object being written in if I'm going to make a general task out of this. My options then are "[in %object% write] %text%" or "[write in %object%] %text%" because I think %text% needs to be last, otherwise I don't think Adrift will find the %object% reference.

I also have another choice for implementation depending on whether or not I want to use a text array or append %text% to the %object% read description.

Text arrays are neat, which I could use to simulate the pages of a notebook; each entry as a single page. If I went this route, I would like to have a "[read] %object% {page %number%}" task. However, I'm not sure how to get an integer out of the player input and I'd like to avoid using the popup function if I can. If I can target specific pages by getting a number from the player input, this would allow me to create an edit/replace task for erasing if I wanted to go that direction. In order to read everything that was written, I'd probably need to do some string building with a loop.

However, it might be easiest just to append %text% to the read %object% description because this means we can use less variables that are tied to specific objects and I'm leaning towards this version at the moment, though I will need to find out what the property key of the readable description is. What I plan to do is set the Referenced Object Description When Read to "Description When Read" + %text%" in the expression field.
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