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SUGGESTION: Memos and Todo

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:33 pm
by Tristano
While working with ADRIFT 5 I was thinking that a great feature to introduce would be that of developer's memo.

Since I work with a lot of folders (one for each location I create, so to keep all items together with the room they belong to) it would be great to be able to add memos for the things to do, correct, new ideas, ecc.

Just like the other items that come up with the "Add new..." menu with mouse-right-click, there could be a "memo" item with no real function except to jot down ideas, notes, ecc.

Similar to the "memos" (which have more a specific/local function), it would also be nice to have an integrated TO-DOs list into ADRIFT.

Every developer relies on some kind of external memo/notes when developing. So, why not incorporate a simple TO DO list in ADRIFT? I rely a lot on Liquid Story Binder XE, which is a powerful tool for the research/developing stage. But a simple TO DO list in which to add bulleted items, with the option to cross out the "done things" and highlight the high prioritys, ecc., would be really nice!