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Dissapearing Items...

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Dissapearing Items...

Postby Tristano » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:49 pm

I realized that if I delete a folder containing items (Locations, Characters, Objects, Tasks, ecc.) the folder does dissapear but not its contents. Yet, the contents are no longer accessibile to the user (except for Locations, which can be accessed by clicking on the map).

But if I export the game as a module, I can see all the "dissapeared" items in the XML code.

So, deleting folders only renders inaccessible it's contents. When deleting a folder it should ask wether or not to destry it's contents, and if not it should move them to the root folder.

I work with folders within folders because I like to arrange all that pertains a given location into a folder with the location's name.

This brings to mind another issue: apart from the folders, wouldn't it be good to have a menù that shows all Cahracters (or Objects, tasks, ecc.) in the game-world, independently from the folder they are in? A sort of dobule-viewing system.
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