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Some narrative ideas

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Some narrative ideas

Postby DazaKiwi » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:23 am

Some complex ideas that i hope makes some sort of sense :D

A Narrative Summary that is also informative but short:

With a dynamic game in mind where characters will come and go etc
Adrift having a room character counter that can tally up numbers of characters in a room. Making it easier to do this would be making character classes or groups, which each character can be put into. This could be handy if you have a rpg sort of game where there maybe three trolls in a cave, instead of listing each troll individually, it could output "There are three cave trolls here staring at you", they might each have a unique name but their class or group would be cave troll, this class/group could have a default description. If player wants to look at each one, they might type "look at cave trolls". And then the game outputs a brief description of each one.

These characters are identical, but each one has a individual name, a "default description" which is defined in its group/class its been assigned to, within that "Show Default description" or append could be present for user to select if they just want a generic description, since all cave trolls look the same. One cave troll might be the leader, so you might choose append and add a little bit more detail. This could save time if there is alot of characters that would fit into a class or group, ie. soldiers, guards. And being able to have a shorter summary of characters present in a room, there are four cave trolls and two black widow spiders here. Rather than listing each one repetitively.

But also if there was a lot of characters in a room say more than ten (maybe user can define when a number of characters present in a room is exceeded, it will output a user defined sentence for that room instead of numbers. eg. "There is a large crowd of guests in the reception area." And later on, when some guests move away from that room from an event trigger, if there is less then 10 it might say, there are 5 female and 5 male guests in the room.

So while thinking about this..i got to thinking about classes of Actions that characters might be doing in a room or location..this could be inserted or added to their default description.

So why not have Classes of character actions too. eg. Class/Dancing, ie. if 4 people are dancing, and 3 characters by the bar. The output could be "There are 2 couples dancing on the dance floor and three people over by the bar." If number of characters who are dancing exceed x, then output will be a large crowd is dancing on the dance floor to the beat of the music.

These action/descriptors could be mentioned when player looks at Max is talking to his friends or Max is drinking his ale.
So if in the Character Movement section, you could have locations within a Room/Location. And if Max is at the bar then his action/class will be drinking. If there is more than one action/class talking. Then it could be "Max is drinking and talking". Using the standard groups already in Adrift, he could be in a list of Location/characters called "Talking at the bar table". So it might be "Max is drinking and talking to three others at the bar." Of course player will have to know who Max is, to mention his name. Otherwise if player didn't, it could be there are 4 men talking at the bar table. There might be a scripted event by number of turns that Max leaves the bar and goes to the pool table or the pokie machines, perhaps if those areas are occupied his movement is assignments are bumped up to the next one. Again this adds dynamic, and no game plays out the same.

Okay you are thinking why not have that in the characters description when at a location. But what if that character is given a movement path (I dont have much experience using movement), and is suppose to do stuff as well. And when the player comes across that player. Saying Max is here. Which is rather dull. If there is multiple location areas within a room, like a bar-room there might be a pool table, a pinball machine, bar itself, public telephones etc. These could be interior location areas, each has a basic action/class description, so if Max has been scripted or set at the pool table, then the description would be He is playing pool.
It would be cool if you also could add two variations to it as well, "Max is playing pool and by the looks of things very badly." This might be useful if you have to talk to Max, but doing so when he is angry would be a bad idea. So you go back later. Or the result could be Max leaves the place. A Character mood variable could be changed according to a 1 or 0 which is randomly chosen for a character who might have a class/action set for them, each new action they move onto could have a random result or it might be set by user.
Some characters might just be watching the game so their action would be watching the pool game.

Location Interior Classes:

Eg. Class/Bar could be a property of a given location, a interior location within a Room/Location (hope the doesnt sound confusing) the character property could have Bar choosen as their location within the Bar Room.

Add Interior Location/descriptors within a location Name and have a drop down customizable list for user to define. eg. "The bar is in the [Far corner, corner, middle] of the room.
Each interior location or position in the room could have a number which works out if something is behind you or ahead of you. Navigation within a room can be as easy as typing "Go to pokie machines." The room description displays again but with its relative positions altered with change of words like the Pool table is ahead of you, behind, to the right, to the left etc. I think this would make a room feel more real and easier to imagine, something that takes me out of a story when i have to figure where things are in my head.

So why not just use objects? for those things? well these interior locations could be assignable places/points for characters to be positioned at. Player could type go to pool table rather than go north. Once at the pool table, you could type "Look at pool table" and brief description of the table along with who is around it (or those assigned to interior location pool table).

Other locations that don't have or need interior areas such as hallways or an empty field, a street etc you can use the normal go east for navigation as per normal etc.

It's late here, so i do hope what i wrote here actually is understandable lol
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