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Brainstorming suggestions on making Reactive NPCs

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Brainstorming suggestions on making Reactive NPCs

Postby ElliotM » Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:10 pm

I thought it might be fun to brainstorm ways of making characters that will react to things that the player is doing in Adrift 5.

One method I thought of would be to add specific tasks that run after their target general tasks that generate a character reaction if a character was present, perhaps based on other variables or properties, too. There is also an option for having a character do something if they come across a certain object in character walks, so a more hackish method I thought of would be implementing unlisted 'plot' objects that a character could encounter and react to.

While reading up on conversation systems, I came across the idea that there would be times a player might try to show an object to a character in the context of the current conversation. The idea I read suggested that you could turn show x to character into a special conversation topic instead. Using Adrift 5's specific tasks, I think this would be fairly easy to do as long as you can generate the right keywords through the parameters option, as you would be catching show x to character and turning it into tell character about x, with perhaps with an extra keyword like show to differentiate it from the regular tell character about x conversation topic.
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