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Re bug report 18325 - Expressions dont work for restrictions

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Re bug report 18325 - Expressions dont work for restrictions

Postby saabie » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:23 pm

As per Campbell's request in bug report 18325 - Expressions dont work for restrictions and text properties i am attaching a sample TAF file that shows the remaining problems.

(13.38 KiB) Downloaded 150 times

The original error, with integer expressions not being evaluated in restrictions, has been fixed for property restrictions, but is still not working for variable restrictions.

Also, expressions involving text variables require quotes to be placed either around the variable name or around the string inside of the variable, otherwise ADRIFT tries to evaluate the string contents as an expression, causing an error.
I am not sure if this is intentional, but i would have expected the string to be quoted automatically when it was retrieved from the variable, as that is how expressions in most programming languages work.
If i place a variable name inside a quoted string in an expression then i would have expected the expression evaluator to treat it as text, not as a variable name.

P.S. When the variable name is quoted, all of the spaces are being removed from the strings as per Bug report 18326 - Spaces are removed from string assigned to variable
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