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Problems with the "audio stop" command

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Problems with the "audio stop" command

Postby BBBen » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:36 pm

Whenever the game tells audio to stop my testers have (sometimes) encountered some random errors. Sometimes it gives an error message about stopping audio, but doesn't do any further harm. Sometimes an audio stop command will stop all audio rather than just the channel it's supposed to stop. Sometimes it gives an error and just disrupts the sound (from other channels) in that particular task. I haven't experienced these errors myself, but I do recall encountering some problems using the command a couple of months ago, for which reason I have avoided using the command where possible.

This applies to the html tag, as in <audio stop channel=2>, and also to audio stopped via the stop button in the audio tabs.

I haven't entered a bug report before because there wasn't anything consistent enough to report, but all these different errors around audio stops have piled up. I've added it now:
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