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Room description omitting objects on other objects

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Room description omitting objects on other objects

Postby DazaKiwi » Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:16 am

Am i missing something obvious here or am i doing something wrong?

This has probably already been asked. But i want to show an object which is ON another object in the general room description when you enter, lets say you have a row of hooks on a wall and a school bag is hanging on the row of hooks, the hooks is a static object and is a supporter, the bag dynamic and is ticked to be listed. However in room description you only get the row of hooks appearing in list of what is in the room. You have to examine row of hooks to actually have the school bag listed. Which is weird, because the player character would be able to see it easily enough.

Why isn't the school bag showing in the main room description? its not inside something, perhaps right after listing the row of hooks and its basic description, "You see a row of upright hooks and a school bag on it" (description for when being listed in a room).

This means you cannot have listed other objects "stacked" ontop of one another they wont be listed either, to be listed as well? eg. say you have a floor rug that has a coffee table on top of it, that has a pistol case (open) with a pistol inside. You would only get the rug mentioned and nothing else that is stacked on top of it, of course this is just an example as you probably wouldn't bother creating a rug as an object.
It would be good when an object is mentioned that has objects on it or that can be seen (such as the pistol) to be mentioned in the room description...."You see a coffee table that has 'list of objects' on it and an open pistol case with a pistol inside it."

Any opened containers on an object should follow with the fact its open and what object is visible, unless checked not to be listed.

Also sometimes a object description has a space or two giving it s slight indention in the paragraph line when displayed in the runner sometimes.
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