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Multiple sounds - problem

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Multiple sounds - problem

Postby Josnerd » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:15 am

Can anyone please help with this one:

I'm new to Adrift, and quite new to programming as well.
I am trying to make a game that has a song playing in the background, as main theme. This song is 5 minutes long, it's set to play on channel 1, with no loop.
After a couple of screens I want to add a 2nd sound (a door closing) to play on channel 2, no loop.
All of this happens in the Introduction screen, the screens are separated by <waitkey> tags.

I first loaded the song track by clicking on the "audio" tab, and later typed in the <audio> tag to play the 2nd sound, but when I run the game it will only play one of the sounds. The source code deletes the <audio> tag for the 2nd sound and plays only the 1st.

How do I solve this? Thank you guys!

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