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London Marathon

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London Marathon

Postby Lazzah » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:36 am

Hi all,

It's London Marathon day again. I don't know if any Drifters out there will be watching this on TV - or may even be here in London watching it - but you might be interested to know that my wife and I live in Charlton, SE London, only a mile from Blackheath where it starts from and we are effectively trapped at home for the first part of the marathon, as the wheelchair and elite runners go past the southern end of our street and the fun runners go past the north end. In fact the latter end of our road is closed off for most of the day.

We sometimes get up early and go and watch for a while, but I myself have seen the marathon from the very first one and today we haven't bothered. Still, when the fun-runners go past it is an awesome sight - a seemingly never-ending river of people flowing past.

Ironically, all the runners go past the spot in Woolwich where Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered on May 22nd last year.
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