Long time....I missed you guys!

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billy 7720
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Long time....I missed you guys!

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Hello folks. Been a long time but I had to come back.

I had to re-register because I could not remember my last account.

I can see Campbell has made some improvements to the ADRIFT engine and I look forward to trying to get my hands on the newest version.

I STILL have Crystal Caverns tucked away and just found it the other day. It's all there, but I may need some help to get it finished.

It will take time for me to learn ADRIFT again and all it's command but that is it's charm. Time to wrack my brain and get CC finished.

Hope all is well and I look forward to talking with other IF authors here very soon.

Looks like ADRIFT is still going strong and for this I am thankful.

Hello to everyone and yes, it's been a very long time as I had problems in the past getting back online. I hope this won't happen again.

Toodles everyone and look forward to checking out all those amazing IF games you guys are making, no matter how big or small they are.

May IF live forever and all you authors keep them going.


billy 7720 (also know as billy7720 without the space between billy and 7720) :claps:
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