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Is gamedev a good career?

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:42 am
by AdamZMA
I've been seeing many layoffs in quite a few companies in my country in the field of gamedev, I live in a developing country in asia and there are only small mobile game devs. I got into gamedev because I loved the challenge and wanted to push myself, but Im seeing that it does has it's challenges but not a stable career. Im thinking of doing more challenging tasks, learning more complex technologies and applying for a job in the states Is this the same in all countries or just small studios. Should I consider changing my domain or push myself even more.

Re: Is gamedev a good career?

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:43 pm
by The0didactus

This is a great question but it has pretty complex answers depending on what you mean by "good."

Gamedev is definitely NOT a stable fact, this is what has kept me out of going into it as a "real job" despite the fact that making board and computer games is, without question, the thing I spend the most time on. Nothing ruins a hobby quite like having to rely on it for survival. I don't wish to talk you out of doing it, if it really is your dream...but it's hard, and it is a job. The reasons those layoffs you've been reading about happened is because Blizzard, etc. didn't meet their investors expectations for profit. They fell victim, basically, to the same problem that leads to layoffs at manufacturing companies and construction companies and's a job, and american-style capitalism finds all kinds of brilliant ways to squeeze all the fun out of jobs.

The nice thing is that a lot of skills are compatible with gamedev as a career, but have more stable application. For example, I'm a law student, and doing fairly well in law school despite, as aformentioned, spending way more time making ADRIFT games and writing science fiction stories. You can USE skills you build in your hobby in "real life". If I were actually giving career advice, I'd say you find a stable area to build your gamedev skills, build them, and then someday, when you're stable and secure and powerful, you can more easily get a stable job as a game developer. Depending on what gamedev skills you possess/like, there are a few fields you could think about

Level design and interface design, I think lends itself naturally to web design
Story/writing has numerous applications, but just look up copywriter jobs
Coding fairly speaks for itself, and making a game can seriously impress people looking for passionate coders

When I was young, I was really afraid when I grew up and got a "real job" i'd have no time for creative work...that has not been true. The older and more successful you get, the more power you have to build your schedule the way you want.

Re: Is gamedev a good career?

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:13 am
by AdamZMA
Thanks for your input. It does make feel uncertain for upcoming future. I have seen so many people have to do 1 - 2 side jobs just to make a living here.