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Player Char - Defining and applying attributes

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Postby felix caitlan » Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:07 am

i can't seem to figure this out. i've puzzled around w/ it for damn near long enough that i'm more than slightly frustrated. No doubt the answer is simple. However, i'm lost.

My question concerns the player character. If one was to leave both name and sex as promt'd, how would one later define attributes for said things? ie. a female char. might start the game wearing a dress, a male might be in pants. This is just an example of course, but how would the application of such a thing come about?

My suspicion is variables. And interaction w/ the pre-defined commands. i just can't figure it out, though. Please, someone, show me how stupid i'm being.
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Postby Mystery » Thu Jul 29, 2004 2:58 pm

I have added both a written and technical demo that you can download from O.A.R.S - See Tutorials.

Select to prompt for the player and gender. Create the clothing for both male and female. Now create a the following tasks and leave all message display boxes blank:

#It's a girl
Restriction - Player must be of gender female
Action - Move dress (or whichever clothing you made for her) to worn by player

#It's a boy
Restriction - Player must be of gender Male
Action - Move suit (or whichever clothing you made for him) to worn by player

Now create a third task as follows:

#Run Gender
Actions - Execute Task It's a girl
Actions - Execute task It's a boy

Now create an event that starts immediately and lasts exactly 1 and 1 turns. Make it available in the start room. Go to the advanced tab and have it execute task #Run Gender

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