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oh cool here's that Halloween spirit I was looking for

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oh cool here's that Halloween spirit I was looking for

Postby Lumin » Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:03 am

Last night, the dead came out,
but they didn't come out to play,
nor give comfort to love ones lost,
"Join us," was all they had to say.

"You too will know the feel,
the weight of the suffocating grave.
Your ribcage all acrawl with worms,
your torpid flesh melting away."

Grim work indeed this night,
no tools but bony hands and teeth,
from every moonlit mound they crawled,
the dead alive with baleful glee.

Of what came next there is
no doubt; the evidence is clear,
limbs of those who received these guests,
are scattered far and near.

Daylight stares down aghast,
upon the signs of living hell.
The dead were tucked away with dawn.
When they shall return? Who can tell?

I told it to hurry up and write me an Ectocomp game but it just came up with this dumb poem instead. :roll: Halloween spirit is officially grounded till next October, maybe that'll teach it.
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