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Logical Fun Topic Thread

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Logical Fun Topic Thread

Postby vladmirangel » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:57 pm

An entertainment based thread made to amuse readers. (open the spoiler to be briefed on the details of the topic)
You can freely share your own amusing statements at your reply posts.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Why did i make this thread? I started this because the drifting off-topic section seems to be full of happy b-days posts and not stuff to talk about.
This is a thread where people can share their logically illogical statements that could amuse the minds of readers. (through posts)
Of course mind boggling logic that is logical is also appreciated.
This is not a thread to rant about how illogical the logic of someone's illogical statement is.
I will post here any logic that is true and false, or neither:<<<<First example (Note that ideas in my post either came from google or from myself)

I separated the topics of my post into 5 groups:
-Discussing a rule i invented
-Short topic derived from a reference concept
-Short topic I made without a reference concept
-Long topic derived from a reference concept
-Long topic I made without a reference concept

-Discussing a rule i invented
Note: if a noun is referred to, then its positive or negativity depends on the adjective best describing it and is based on how the reader sees it. "criminal=evil, Priest=holy, star=bright, knife=sharp"
Lets us speak in mathematical logic. (although of course there are exemptions)
1:is something used in a positive way. "beautiful, big, tall, shiny, bright, heavy, smart, intelligent, sharp, etc"
-1:is something used in negative way. "ugly, small, short, dull, dark, light, dumb, etc"
1 x 1 = 1:putting 2 positive words yield a positive outcome. "a Bright star, a soft pillow, a sturdy door"
-1 x 1 = -1:putting a negative on a positive yields a negative outcome. "a dark star, a hard pillow, a brittle door, a bad priest"
1 x -1 = -1:putting a positive on a negative yields a negative outcome. "a good criminal, an intelligent bully, a sturdy trap"
-1 x -1 = 1:putting a negative on a negative yields a positive outcome.
(really the most confusing statements in a debate because it depends on how people look at it)
"a bad criminal">>someone who is not good at being a criminal which makes the outcome something more positive.
"to not tell a lie">>this means telling the truth which is good
"horrible destruction">> this means that something did a horrible job at doing destruction

-Short topics derived from a reference concept:

-My whole computer exploded. I replaced every part piece by piece from my mother's computer. Is it still my computer?

-If a human came from a mother and father, was there ever a "first" human?

-Short topics I made without a reference concept:
-which is bigger, a small giant or a huge dwarf? as well as which is faster, a slow walking man or a fast crawling snail?

-Apparently the goal of science is to logically explain God's works, wherein the nature of God's work is not logical."

-I told myself that i told myself a lie. "would i believe myself? Apparently neither."

-"If i told you to not think of this sentence, could you do it??? Apparently not."

-If something is infinitely small, does it exist? if something is infinitely large, is it everything?"

-What is 1 divided by zero? "undefined". What is undefined? "a number" If a number is undefined, then it could be any number, hence, it could be everything. So once again, What is one divided by zero? "Everything"

-Long topics derived from a reference concept: (This is probably one of my favorite logic stories)
-There was a science teacher that is very much inclined on logic. A time came when a question was raised to a country which asked "Where did evil come from?" The teacher during class, told his ideas to the students saying "If God made everything in our world today, this very well means that God also created evil am i correct? If anyone could prove me wrong, you are allowed to speak." Everyone was quite silent for a moment, but then, Albert Einstein, a student in class, contested him about his idea by providing scientific examples. So a little debate began between the student and teacher.
Einstein asked: "Sir, do you think coldness is real?"
the teacher replied: "Why yes it is very real, i could feel it right now from the breeze"
Einstein then replied: "No, it is not, coldness is just the description to the absence of heat in an object."
the teacher did not respond
Einstein followed up a question: "Sir, do you think darkness is real?"
the teacher then replied: "Well you can see the shadows around us right? so of course it is real."
Einstein then replied: "No sir, darkness is only a description when there is an absence of light bouncing from a surface."
Einstein then concluded to the teacher: "Evil is not real, it is only a description to the absence of God's love in a person's heart."

the teacher replied: "

-Long topics I made without a reference concept:
-A math teacher would tell his students "A 3D figure has length, width, and height. A plane has only length and width. A line only has length. A point defines a location and has no length, width, or height." A student raised a question to the teacher "Sir, does a point exist?" the teacher asked back to the student "Why would you say so?" the student replied "How could something with no length, width, or height be used to define our world?" The teacher replied "Does your statement have length, width or height? Are ideas made of length, width or height? There are also things that cannot be measured like love and feelings."
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