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Welcome to Broodhollow...don't die there

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Welcome to Broodhollow...don't die there

Postby Lumin » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:45 pm

I know some of you are really into horror (Duncan, I'm looking at you) so I just wanted to point out this webcomic with a seriously creepy plot and absolutely gorgeous art. The stuff the artist (Kris Straub) does with colors and the way the background reflects the 'mood' of whatever's going on is amazing.


I was following Broodhollow back when it first started because I was a fan of some of the author's previous work (his earlier series Starslip Crisis, mainly) and was following it one update at a time, but since I've been offline for a few months now it's been awesome coming back and being able to binge straight through a bunch of new strips all at once. :) The first chapter was just recently completed...apparently each will be a more or less self-contained story. The author's got a wildly successful kickstarter going on right now to help with the printing costs and I managed to snag myself a paperback copy too. :)
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