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Re: Annual IF Comp 2018

Postby Lumin » Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:07 pm

P/o Prune wrote::claps: Just letting you all know that I have just submitted my entry to the Annual IFComp 2018 … :D

Awesome, congrats! Maybe I'll actually vote this year, it's been awhile.
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Re: Annual IF Comp 2018

Postby ralphmerridew » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:23 pm

Denk wrote:To my knowledge, the only alternative to the official ADRIFT 5 runner is currently Fabularium for Android. It still has a few bugs in it, but I think they will soon be fixed. Other programs produce blorb-files, e.g. Inform, though they are usually called zblorb or gblorb, but blorb is also allowed. Such blorb-files can be played by e.g. Gargoyle, but Gargoyle cannot play blorb-files generated by ADRIFT. :cry: Gargoyle does play ADRIFT 4 games though.

Lumin wrote:This all seems so ridiculously convoluted for 2018, it makes me sad.

Blorb is just a container format (similar to a .zip file, in that it stores a number of files in one place, although blorb doesn't do any compression).
So think of a .zblorb as essentially being a zip file that happens to contain a .z8 file and some image and/or audio files.

And any problems are solely Campbell's fault. There was a lot of effort put into specifying the Zmachine and Glulx; Campbell has long blown off similar efforts at specifying ADRIFT. When he was doing the full redesign of ADRIFT 5 would have been a good time to do that, but he squandered the opportunity.
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