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Beginner's Game Competition

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:32 am
by Po. Prune
Beginner’s Game Competition.

From time to time the question is asked in the forum where to find IF games suited for beginners.
So why not make a competition where the goal is to create such an IF game?
Well here it is! :D

I’ve been thinking about rules for this competition but really can’t come up with any except the usual:

Game has to be made using Adrift V.5
Genre: Your own choice (not adult theme, though)


Minimum 4 rooms.
Must have dynamic objects.
Must have puzzles (don’t make them too hard. The idea is to give the player a good experience.)

To create a beginner’s game that will be suitable for IF newcomers and (hopefully) wet their appetite for playing other games, or maybe even create their own.

Put yourself in the player’s shoes. This is your first ever IF. How would you like your experience to be and what would you expect out of the game.

The games will be judged by their playability, simplicity, entertainment value. In short which game will most likely spark the player’s interest in continuing playing IF.

Entering deadline: June 30th
Voting deadline: July 31st
Competition results: Shortly after.

Prize: 10 $ paid either by PayPal or Amazon voucher whichever is preferred.

The Beginner’s Game Competition is hereby declared open! :D