Adventure Jam 2019!

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Adventure Jam 2019!

Post by DazaKiwi »

Giving everyone a heads up about a Game Jam that has run once a year for the last five years..

This years Adventure Jam begins on June 8 to 22, 11AM EDT (1pm UTC). It doesn't have a specific topic it can be whatever you want. I entered it last year but ran out of time to finish my game, so never finished my entry. Text Adventures are one of the types of games in the Jam including point and click and 2d/3d games etc. In fact Adrift is listed on the Tools and Resources page, which has other cool resources for free images, sound effects and productivity tools etc.

The judging categories will be: Atmosphere/Characterization/Mental Engagement/Emotional Engagement/Lasting Impression.

We are not allowed to create or look for assets eg. look for free music, images until it starts BUT we can start writing the story/dialogue and map out the game right now. The FAQ page covers how to enter; which basically to enter the comp all you have to do is create a Gamejolt account and when uploading your game to your account include in its description on the page #AdvJam2019 and thats it. They have a discord channel too, which has a text adventure channel which you can text chat with others who are making a text adventure.

So anyone interested in doing this? thats two weeks of making your game with 11 days prior of planning/writing the story dialogue. The FAQ page has more answers to common questions.
It would be good to get Adrift's presence known (Gamejolt has a big community and lots of Jams) and hopefully we can have a couple of decent Adrift games entered this year.
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Re: Adventure Jam 2019!

Post by Denk »

Thanks for the tip! I have an idea for a short game, which I can hopefully finish in 14 days.
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