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IFcomp "Play Online" button

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 12:15 pm
by Denk
Since IFcomp opened for entries this year, I have been trying to get the "Play Online" button to be displayed when I view my entry on the IFcomp site. I know The0didactus managed to get it working last year, while I couldn't. I have been in touch with the Ifcomp organizers and now it is working.

Here is a short How-to-display-the-"Play Online"-button tutorial:

1. Most importantly: Do NOT put your game on the ADRIFT site BEFORE the games have been published on the IFcomp site!
2. The IFcomp crew require that you have uploaded a game file to IFcomp before the 28th of September. Thus you must upload a game and accept that there isn't* a "Play Online"-button when the games are released to the public on the IFcomp site.
3. Once the games have been published, upload your V5 game as a .taf- or .blorb-file to the ADRIFT site. Double check that the game is playable online on the ADRIFT site.
4. Make a text-file called index.html (NOT .txt - you might need to give yourself permission to modify file types (in this case .html)). The file index.html should contain the text given below. Note that you must ensure that the game number in the html-file should correspond to your game-number on the ADRIFT site.
5. Zip index.html and your blorb/taf-file together in one zip-file and replace the main game file with this new zip-file.
6. Manage your ADRIFT entry on the IFcomp site and set "Gameplay Platform" to "ADRIFT (online play available)"
7. Preview your entry and check that the Play Online button is working and that it points at the right game (your game should start when you click "Play Online")

*: If you know the URL of your online game before the 28th of September, you could include the index.html file. However, on the ADRIFT site you don't know which game number your game gets, before you upload the game to the ADRIFT site. In theory, you could upload a dummy file to the ADRIFT game section to get a game-number. Then you can include that number in the index.html file. Once the games have been made public, you should replace that dummy file with the real game. But the date of the first upload will be mentioned and so it will look as if you published the game before the games were made public. Personally, I wouldn't run that risk.

The content of the index.html is:
adrift Code: Select all
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=" />
IMPORTANT: Remember to replace 1541 with the number your game is given on the ADRIFT site.

I attach an example zip-file, which works with the "Play Online"-button. You must replace the .blorb-file and modify the html-file to make it point at the right game. The html-file should be modified with Notepad, not WordPad I think, since WordPad might include some invisible formatting.

Re: IFcomp "Play Online" button

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 3:09 pm
by Denk
Just want to add, that if you want your game to be playable online, keep in mind that whenever you play online the background is black. When playing a game with the normal Runner, the runner allows the game to change both text color and background color. But the online Runner only allows the game to change the text color. The background color is always black. Thus, if you e.g. are using black text on a white background, the player cannot see the text when playing online, since that will then be black text on black background! :nerves: