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Re: EctoComp 2012

Postby David Whyld » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:20 am

Kind of surprised no one's mentioned this before, but the EctoComp results were announced over on the IF Forum on Saturday:

Here are the final scores for Ectocomp 2012, averaged out of 10:

1. Ghosterington Night by Wade Clarke ..... 8/10
2. What Are Little Girls Made Of? by Carolyn VanEseltine ..... 7.6/10
3. The Hunting Lodge by HulkHandsome ..... 6/10
4. Parasites by Marius Müller ..... 5.5/10
5. Beythilda the Night Witch by DCBSupafly ..... 5/10
6. The Evil Chicken Of Doom 3D by Mel Stefaniuk ..... 4.2/10

I don't know about anybody else, but it's a little disappointing that this comp, which started as an ADRIFT comp, had less ADRIFT games in it than games written with other systems, the two ADRIFT games came last, and the results weren't even announced on the official forum.
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