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Adrift Game Comp 2002 - Rules of Samo's Competition

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Postby KFAdrift » Sun Jul 21, 2002 6:40 am

Details from

Welcome to the twice yearly Adrift Game Comp. In this comp games submited will be played by Judges and asigned scores from 1 to 10 for every category. The categories will be.


Creativity - This will judge how creative the game is and how in-genius it is.

Room&Item Descriptions - This will judge how good the room&item descriptions are like and how detailed they are.

Story Line - This will be judged how good the story is. And if the game is a certain genre, it should stick to the genre.

Tasks and Playabilitiy - This will judge if the character can do very much and is the game deep and is the games playabilitiy injoyfull.

Overall - The game will be judged for its overall score.

It will be out of 50.

-Time Line-

Till July 30 games will be Accepted.

From July 30 till August 15 at the lateist, Games will be played and Judged.

August 17 WINNER will be announced and the Prize will be sent to him/her.

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