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Postby Campbell » Thu Jul 25, 2002 8:36 pm

I've uploaded Release 28 to the Yahoo Group. For some reason, the main site is down just now, but I'll add it to that as soon as I can.

Changes in this release are:


o Added text functions:
- Len(text) - returns the length of <text>
- Val(text) - converts text to a number (or zero if it can't match)
- Str(integer) - converts an integer value to text

o Can now update earlier versions of Adventures with password protection without requiring registration

Bug Fixes

o Fixed problem with particular registration keys not being recognised

o Doesn't crash when linking room connection back to last room

o Fixed reply when cannot pick object from other as hands full/too heavy

o Ucase function now works properly

o Functions names are now case insensitive

o Object states now stored in TAS files (NB. This may corrupt current TAS files)
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