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Postby Campbell » Sat Aug 03, 2002 5:54 pm

Changes in this release:


o Improved TADS source file output (still a long way to go!)

Bug Fixes

o Brackets not required around (A+B)=C if used as a test in expressions

o "it" not inadvertently changed by tasks started by events

o Pressing Enter twice on adding first item in lists won't crash Generator

o More information on Runner adventure load errors

o Saving and restoring games now works properly (Oops!)

o Actions can now change Stamina properly

o Modules:
- Can import Very Heavy as Player option without Generator crashing
- Importing references to non-existant tasks doesn't crash Generator
- Can import changing variables to referenced text
- Importing string expressions now works
- Selected task in room alternate descriptions now correct when importing

o Events will run if starter task is started from another task

o Error 380 when linking rooms back to others now fixed

o Synonyms now work correctly for single commands

o Quotes removed from TAS filenames when saved in Runner

o Added " as a word terminator when clicking in Runner screen

o Objects moved by events marked as seen if in same room as Player
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