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Postby Campbell » Thu Aug 22, 2002 9:28 pm

Changes in this version:

o Carriage returns are converted to
when pasted into text boxes

Bug Fixes

o (test & test) now works properly without extra parenthesis around the tests

o Task commands containing { and } now work with references

o Inserting a task above one with brackets doesn't crash Generator

o Fixed more '380' errors linking rooms back to others

o Character battles are not displayed on screen if not in same room as Player

o Tasks with no output can override "ask <character> about <subject>" properly

o Incomplete tasks "get <object> from" and "put <object> on" don't crash Runner

o Object weight consistent when objects inside or on other objects

o Can no longer put two objects inside/on each other at the same time

o Modules:
- Roomgroups export properly if no rooms selected in group
- Character walks to roomgroups imports correctly

o Words correctly matched when a partial word the same before it fails

o Correct restriction error message displayed for more complex logic

o Output not messed up when "get all" can't take all as too heavy/bulky

o Graphics and Sounds can now be attached to alternate descriptions
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