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Postby Campbell » Tue Sep 24, 2002 7:57 pm

Yes, it's that time again. Still a few outstanding bugs, but I thought I'd put this one out to keep you happy whilst I squish a few more....

o Edit mode built into Runner

Bug Fixes
o "Take <object> off" now works for removing clothing
o %turns% increments properly when waiting
o Deleting objects doesn't corrupt actions which move objects into or onto objects
o Restriction failure messages display for tasks executed by another task
o Correct restriction failure message displayed when task fails
o References with multiple commands in task still work
o Proper error messages when taking or dropping fails for known objects
o Failure messages displayed when task fails to overwrite standard get
o Runner doesn't crash when more ambiguous characters than objects in game
o Character in same room as character restriction doesn't fire if room is Hidden
o Object visible to character restriction doesn't fire if room is Hidden
o Objects are marked as seen if an event moves them to the same room as Player on event termination
o Ambiguity improved
- message doesn't overwrite taking objects from others
- scope taken more into consideration
- prefixes taken more into consideration
o ALRs applied properly when waiting
o Shift-0 and Shift-9 don't crash Runner when focus on map
o Wildcards match better - don't pass certain commands incorrectly
o Repeated end game messages removed
o Correct variable names shown in restrictions box when both text and int exist
o TAS files save position of static objects moved by events
o Better message returned when hands are full and try to take object from another
o Multiple messages not returned when hands are full and take multiple objects from another
o "Too heavy" message displayed if applicable when taking objects
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