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Postby Campbell » Tue Oct 07, 2003 8:20 pm


I've finally got around to releasing Release 42 which squishes lots of those nasty bugs like 'get all' etc. There are still lots to go, and I hope to continue work on these soon.

Bug Fixes

o Control Panel collapses and expands to correct size if window bars non-standard

o 'Get all' doesn't try to take objects from within others if not explicit

o 'empty' on it's own doesn't crash Runner

o 'I are' grammar error corrected when nothing to drop in 1st Person

o Control Panel doesn't crash Runner when movement restrictions are based on
object state

o Deleting objects updates Player starting object correctly

o Modules:
- Move all held objects to Hidden now imports

o Events not running problem sorted when tasks run

o No assumption to take objects before putting if task overrides

o Task failing restrictions override putting and dropping

o Removed redundant output when task overrides put if object not understood

o Put command requires reference to an object to put it on

o Incomplete Put command doesn't crash Runner

o Removed ambiguity comments when not required

o 'Message if task tried again' overwrites general tasks

o Tasks can override dropping when the object is static

o Response for taking static objects reverted to what it used to be

o Cannot hit with static objects

o Better ambiguity handling for default responses

o Proper output when trying to take objects worn by characters

o Shortcut to change colour changed from Ctrl-C to Ctrl-A in NBTW

o Hidden routes on map properly hidden if map background coloured

o Versioning information stored properly in TAS files

o Restriction that variables must be compared to other variables now ok

o Removed ambiguity issues when opening/closing objects

o 'It' passed including prefixes, not just object name

o 'put all on X' now works

o Must have an object defined if you select start position in or on another

o Tab selects between Male & Female at prompt

o Spellchecking on task restriction box

o Static object locations properly reset between TAS restorations
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