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Postby Campbell » Sun Dec 14, 2003 2:50 pm

Release 43 has the following changes:


o Inserting and Duplicating tasks now works for sorted lists

o Duplicated tasks marked as <NEW>

o Tasks filter now filters out tasks completeable in all rooms

o Tasks list can be sorted by dragging and dropping items

o Promote and Relegate buttons for character walks

Bug Fixes

o Registration info in Runner About box not scrambled

o Removing objects updates tasks with actions to move characters onto objects

o Removed incorrect ambiguity message when taking same objects from another

o 'Message if task tried again' displays when due rather than task run

o Esc button cancels Events window

o Deleting tasks when task filter on doesn't crash Generator

o No message saying can't see object when two objects are mentioned without verbs

o Can't put object in/on object can be overridden by restriction messages

o Restrictions that variables must be equal to other variables doesn't crash
Generator when editing tasks

o Examining non-existant objects doesn't count as a turn

o File dialog box set to current directory of last file opened in Generator

o X of X displayed in lists when filtering on if item edited

o Adding a blank walk doesn't remove the last valid walk

o 'put/drop all' allowed to override system command

o Additional period not added to Player description if doesn't end in "."

o Character routines work if player types system command

o Examining character not in room works in First person perspective

o Hitting object in room takes precedence over character not in room

o Duplicating/Inserting tasks now works when filtered

o Try again message displayed properly for reversible tasks

o Characters refusing to give objects have capital letter in name

o Default response for trying to eat non-existant objects

o Importing lines with spaces in ALR doesn't cause errors saving TAF files
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