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Purpose of Forum Moderation - Why our Forum is moderated

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Purpose of Forum Moderation - Why our Forum is moderated

Postby AgapeIncognito » Tue Jul 02, 2002 6:20 pm

On behalf of Campbell and the Moderators, I would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome everyone to the Adrift Forum!

One of our goals with the Adrift Forum is to make it a Family-Friendly Forum which welcomes all ages! For this reason, Campbell and several of us "older" drifters have decided to put Forum Moderators in place.

Some of you will immediately come down with what I call "big-brother" syndrome! Please understand that we do not want to be your watchdogs. Our only goal is to enforce the "Family-Friendly" style of the Forum. We hope you understand why this is necessary and are willing to help us out.

With that in mind, the following sums up our purpose:


(1) Reading through every single post just to see if it has non-family-friendly material

(2) E-mailing people telling them to "straighten up" their act over every little thing

(3) Attempting to censor infrequent uses of mild language, such as "hell" when in appropriate context.


(1) Campbell has enforced a "language censor" which will automatically sensor out the more vulgar and abusive "cursing" language words

(2) KFAdrift and I have been given the ability to EDIT posts which we deem to contain inappropriate material or discussions (please see section, Inappropriate Post Contents, below)

(3) KFAdrfit and I have been given the ability to DELETE posts which we deem to be entirely inappropriate (please see section, Inappropriate Post Contents, below)

(4) Campbell also has the ability to view and ban IP Addresses


(1) Posts of a patently "Adult" nature. There is no need for a detailed analysis and discussion over what this means; basically if you want to briefly mention items of a suggestive nature, fine. If you want to describe the material in detail or take a simple inuendo further, that is not fine.

(2) Posts with a trend towards "extreme negativity" or the specific degrading of other Forum Members. We obviously encourage "constructive criticism" and we understand that there will be disputes. However, if a post is started or ends up specifically degrading another Forum Member, we will delete the post.

(3) Abusive or vulgar language. The occassional curse word is not of concern.

(4) Pornographic, illegal, or other material deemed inappropriate for ALL ages. Again, please don't go off the deep-end with this. What we mean, for example, is posting a link to pornographic material or discussing how to build a "dirty bomb". Campbell and the Moderators CAN actually be held responsible for allowing "illegal" discussions to a certain degree, so we will protect ourselves as well as protecting the "ALL AGES" motto!

If we do deem it necessary to delete a post, we will make an effort to send you a quick message noting why, as a courtesy. This courtesy is not a right, and is of course based on time and other considerations, such as if we have to delete an entire thread of 30 different posters (which I hope we never have to do).

Campbell, the Moderators, myself and many others appreciate your understanding and willingness to help us keep this a FAMILY-FRIENDLY site. Again, this isn't a desire to censor you, but rather a desire to provide everyone with a helpful and respectful place to hang their Adrift Hats!

Thank you![/color]

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