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"Deep Fictional Worlds" poll

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"Deep Fictional Worlds" poll

Postby Duncan_B » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:17 pm

Check it out -- Unauthorized Termination made it onto a poll for games with deep fictional worlds. Congratulations to rotter! Another dystopian game by him that I liked was Pathway to Destruction...

Game discussion thread here on the ADRIFT Forum. Cool to see this game's doing well on IFDB and has ratings from authors in the wider IF community, like Eric Eve, and a 4 star review from Emily Short! We should get more ADRIFT voices up there with them.

David, would you like to add your review to IFDB? Perhaps someone could contact djchallis through Facebook about getting his review up, too?

Anyone else want to talk about deep fictional worlds in ADRIFT games or know any that should be nominated for this IFDB poll?

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