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SoC beta tester wanted

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SoC beta tester wanted

Postby P/o Prune » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:37 am

You affectionately remember your dad's bedtime stories about Camelot and how he helped Merlin rescue the fair queen Guinevere. Not that you ever believed them to be true, but the stories were great nonetheless and your childhood days were filled with fighting dragons and searching for the Holy Grail.

While looking through your dads personal papers after he passed away a few years ago, you came across an old leather binding. The binding contained an old parchment, stating that your Dad was not only knighted as the Thirteen Knight of the Round Table, but that he also had an honourable title "Son of Camelot"

Although thinking it was a prank joke, you decided to have the parchment examined by a friend of yours and to your big surprise he found that it dated back to the 6th century A.D. The mystery of the parchment has haunted you for the past year and you finally decided to go to England to at least try and get some closure on the matter.

You spend a few days in London to acclimatize, get the “feel” of the British and take in some of the sights. While visiting the Tower of London you suddenly bump into this quite pretty English girl, Megan - or maybe it's more correct to say that she bumped into you. Playing the poor lost American tourist you invite her out for dinner and, to your surprise, she readily agrees.

Over dinner and a drink later that same day, you talk about the sights of England. Megan tells you that she is studying for a major degree in history, with a speciality in medieval England and the Arthurian Legend. She questions you closely about your purpose in England and you willingly tell her about your dad, Camelot and the old parchment you found. Although somewhat surprised by her questions, which sometimes almost turns into an interrogation, you are flattered by her interest in you.

A pleasant evening comes to an end all too soon, but before she leaves in a cab she gives you directions to what is believed to be the castle of Camelot.

Thus begins the final adventure of Camelot, written in V.5

I'm looking for one or two people who'd help give my game a run over, also known as beta test. The game has been undergoing beta for a while now so most of the kinks should be ironed out.
If you're interested send me a pm.
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