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Annual Adrift Comp 2013

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Annual Adrift Comp 2013

Postby P/o Prune » Sun May 05, 2013 8:57 am

Annual Adrift Comp 2013

It took a little while (sorry about that) but the Annual Adrift Competition has hereby been officially launched.
I hope that we can make this an ongoing thing, so please put your doubts aside and join the competition.
1st prize will be 20 usd, paid either by paypal or Amazon voucher which ever would be preferred.
Donations for prizes are generously accepted. :wink: and will be divided depending on the amount and the number of games entered.

The Rules of engagement is as follows:

1. Game must be an original work.
2. Must be written with ADRIFT V4 or V5
3. A walkthrough must be included for the organiser to verify the game can be completed, but this doesn’t need to be made available to players.
4. Authors must sign up by November 1st and have their game submitted by December 1st
5. Authors can enter as many games as they like.
6. Judging will last a month (or shorter if we only get a few games, or longer if we get loads.
7. Authors are allowed to vote in the comp , but not for their own games.
8. Voting is on a 1 - 10 scale.
9. No updates to games are allowed during the comp, unless the update is to fix an issue with a new version of ADRIFT that is out of the author's control.
10. It's recommended authors have their games beta-tested, and beta-testers are allowed to vote on all entries.
11. Games can be password protected or not. It's up to the author.
12. Voting will be anonymous, but voters are encouraged to state why they voted the way they did and write reviews
13. Voters aren't required to play all the games in the comp but it's recommended that they play as many as possible.
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