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Making Descriptions that Vary (2 min)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:37 am
by ElliotM

Let's say you need to describe something that changes. For example, if you had a traffic object that varies to simulate moving traffic, you can use the One Of expression by putting the following into your traffic object's description textbox:
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You see a <# OneOf("yellow","blue","red","green") #> car drive by.

The One Of expression will randomly choose one of these four colors to use in this description. One Of doesn't require a variable but you won't be able to refer to the chosen value later you could with a variable.

An alternative would be to set a color variable equal to the One Of expression in a task action:
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Set variable 'color' to OneOf("yellow","blue","red","green")

This will allow us to use the chosen color later and keep that value until we decide to change it. To make use of that variable in text, you put the following in the description of the taxi object:
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A %color% taxi is waiting here.

While the traffic color will vary each time we see its description, the taxi color will remain consistent until we update it with a task action.

Random Color.taf
Demonstrates using the OneOf expression to vary object descriptions each time they are seen. Also shows how to store the output of OneOf so it can be reused until you decide to update it with a task.
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