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My W.I.P.'s

Postby Lazzah » Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:09 pm

I have three WIP's at the moment, and one finished game (Starship Quest) which I cannot release yet as it is the sequel to a game (Magnetic Moon) that is in the process of being playtested at the moment. I like to make sure that my games are as thoroughly playtested as I can before releasing them and this has been the problem - getting good and reliable playtesters!

The other two games are Revenge of the Space Pirates (The third in the Mike Erlin series of Sci-Fi games, undergoing playtesting atm) and The Call of the Shaman, the sixth in the Alaric Blackmoon series of games. I started this several months ago with the intention that it would be another of my usual games, but then I got writer's block and stopped work on the game for a while. Someone suggested that I make it a small game that I could enter in one of the competitions and so I have done just that! In fact, the game is now almost finished and will be ready for playtesting soon.

Here are the stats for "Magnetic Moon":

Locations: 177
Objects: 545
Tasks: 2002
Characters: 25
Events: 40
Variables: 273

By comparison, here are the current stats for "The Call of the Shaman":

Locations: 52
Objects: 129
Tasks: 512
Characters: 17
Events: 6
Variables: 86

Quite a difference!
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Re: My W.I.P.'s

Postby rotter » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:40 am

Good point about a game for one of the competitions, ADRIFT needs more visibility. It has all but vanished in the wider IF world.
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